Wow! This place is amazing! The best kabob in town and what's even better is the price. Totally affordable and probably some of the best cumstomer service I have ever seen. I would definately recommend this place to anyone who is looking for great middle eastern food.

Try the salad oliveh, it is like an egg salad with chicken!  i was sitting at home one day trying to decide how to make delicious egg salad even more delicious-er.  Little did I know, that those entrepreneurial Persians already had the answer... ADD CHICKEN!  AWESOME.

This is one of my favorite takeout joints, I can always count on this place for a satisfying meal that doesn't feel like fast food.  I've eaten here both before and after new ownership and I'm still happy with the quantity and quality of food that is prepared here.  We usually order koobideh kabob (two skewers of ground beef) and joojeh kabob (chicken breast), each comes with basmati rice, herbs, and a delicious grilled tomato.  The prices are really reasonable too at just $8.95 for each meal.  I don't really recommend eating here since they only have two small tables and the dining area is about 4 feet by 8 feet in dimension, I usually just call in my order and pick it up in about 15 minutes.  After a long day at work when I can't bear the thought of cooking, but just don't have the energy to go to a restaurant their yummy takeout offerings are like a little bit of heaven.

Solid takeout place for Persian food, which is a bit difficult to find around here. The beef kabob was tender and juicy, while the chicken breasts were fresh and plump. Plenty of rice is provided per plate, as well as a tomato, seasoning, and some tortilla-type bread with butter. The beef kabob entree easily made two meals for me. Items could be more flavorful, but for a quick, healthy bite, this place does it.

I recommend calling in prior to coming, or just browsing Rite-Aid as you wait...and getting dessert from Swirls, located in the same plaza. I usually combo this place with grocery shopping and Swirls. I ate at this restaurant when it first opened and then sadly I moved away. The food was delicious and WAY better than any of the other Persian places in the south bay. The beef Koobideh was delicious and not overpowering and the rice was great as well, because they don't overpower with saffron. I would definitely eat her again when I visit!







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